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Kühlwetterstraße 32
Düsseldorf, NRW, 40239

A luxury chair upholsterer, based in Düsseldorf, selling accent chairs and velvet cocktail chairs.

How to Use Green in Your Home | Our Favourite Green Accent Chair


Pull up a chair around Lynda Sparshatt's fireside, to learn more about chairs, craftsmanship and what inspires us.

How to Use Green in Your Home | Our Favourite Green Accent Chair

Lynda Sparshatt

Pantone says Green

At the beginning of 2017 Pantone announced that this year's colour is green and true to form they were bang on. Interiors trends all over the world have featured ferns, grasses, tropical vistas and plush green velvet upholstery, so we decided to take a look at how to employ green and to introduce our own green velvet chair.

How to bring Green into your home

Turn your home into a #jungalow or #plantparadise by filling it with ferns, Monstera Deliciosa, cycads and palms. Each of these make perfect house plants, only needing a small amount of sunlight and regular waterings every 3-4 days. High maintenance plants are often more trouble then they are worth but pouring a little water in every few days is very manageable.

Alternatively you can choose to paint an accent wall in one of the rooms of your home. Both an eye-catching statement and a calming presence, it can also serve to make the room feel larger and multi-faceted.

However, we understand that painting an entire wall green is not always an option, especially if you rent. In this case, we love the idea of decorating an alcove or door frame in green to add an accent and to compliment the different greens of your indoor house plants.

'It's a Jungle out there' Green Velvet Chair

Following Pantone's advice and given our own obsession with green plants and the tropical vibes of a recent trip to the newly-open-to-tourism Cuba, we decided to create a green velvet chair with a contrasting palm print.

Adding a statement chair to your room will help to bring the elegance of the tropics indoors and whether you choose to compliment it with some green house plants or a statement wall, it will add a conversation-starting accent to your home.

Green Velvet Accent Chair in the Making

Upholstery of green accent chair.jpg

Green Inspiration:

Inspiration came from a variety of sources, including tropical holidays and the talk of green bringing new life and refreshing our homes, in every magazine. But a trip to Düsseldorf's Botanical Gardens sealed the deal. Like most botanical gardens, the ones in Düsseldorf are comprised of a series of greenhouses, all filled with tropical plants, orangeries and flowers.

Velvet Channel-Back

Channel-Back or Fluted-Back refers to the deep filled pockets along the inside-back of the chair giving a clam-shell appearance. This technique requires a lot of hand finishing, stretching the fabric after its been stuffed over the back of the chair. The lines of the back of the chair reflect the lines of a palm leaf.


Piping detail

The seat and the sides are attached by a velvet piping detail. The piping is hand-made by wrapping strips of bias-cut fabric around a cord and sewing it into place. The piping serves the dual purpose of strengthening the seam whilst hiding it from view.

Piping cord for green velvet chair

Ready to invite the Great Outdoors into your home?

Green velvet accent chair with plants