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Kühlwetterstraße 32
Düsseldorf, NRW, 40239

A luxury chair upholsterer, based in Düsseldorf, selling accent chairs and velvet cocktail chairs.

Behind the Scenes on Our David Hockney Meets Wes Anderson Chair Shoot


Pull up a chair around Lynda Sparshatt's fireside, to learn more about chairs, craftsmanship and what inspires us.

Behind the Scenes on Our David Hockney Meets Wes Anderson Chair Shoot

Lynda Sparshatt

The inspiration for this shoot came from a variety of sources, but it all began at the David Hockney Exhibition at the Tate Britain in London, where I fell in love with Hockney's pool series and mid-century-modern aesthetic. A few weeks later I was invited to the family home of a friend, and there just happened to be awas pool in the back garden. This was followed by a near obsession with re-watching all my favourite Wes Anderson movies and a near-perfect condition 1960's cocktail chair prime for re-uphostering. Everything fell into place.


david hockney pool series inspiration.jpg
setting up david hockney mid centruy chair.jpg

After our backdrop sheet fell into the pool multiple times, we had to give up our attempts to incorporate a back drop and work with the background we had and get creative. Our team of six hailed from France, Germany, the UK and Australia, with everyone helping to pump up pool floaties, hold up reflectors, make drinks and keep the dog out of the shots!


In order to have a wide range of photographs and to give the photos an injection of fun we devised a kind of plot for the shoot to follow - to capture images with different tones. Our storyline went like this:

wes anderson and david hockney photo shoot.jpg

Meet playboy millionaire Wolfgang von Ulrich, 29 and still living with his parents, ready to celebrate turning 30 in style except none of the friends and aquaintances who are invited have showed up.

So we started with Wolfgang in his best suit, waiting for his guests to arrive and the party to start... then as time wears on Wolfgang pours himself a drink... lights a cigar... begins to wonder if they are all stuck in traffic... has a few more drinks... realises they probably aren't coming but sees no reason for the party hats to go to waste... well into his 13th glass of whisky old Wolfy is quite happy amusing himself with the party poppers... and so on.

Wes Anderson photo shoot chairs.jpg

Having this kind of story line helps the shoot to feel it is going somewhere and to develop along a journey. Even if we don't use all the photos we then have the best of a more playful style and a serious sartorial style.

photo shooting for pink cocktail chair
Wes Anderson meets david hockney photo shoot.jpg
david hockney meets wes anderson chair photo shoot.jpg
marble velvet mid century chairs accent.jpg

Our incredible photographer is Sabina Woller of Brown Leather Book. Sabina has worked on all our shoots and is expert at seeing the vision for the brand and then capturing it through her lens.

david hockney meets wes anderson accent chair pool shoot.jpg
pool photoshoot accent chairs photographer.jpg

And so, three hours, several gin and tonics and over 400 photos later we were finished and ready to begin the editing process for our latest campaign.

At the moment we are shooting new campaigns every two months and we love raising the bar every single time.