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Kühlwetterstraße 32
Düsseldorf, NRW, 40239

A luxury chair upholsterer, based in Düsseldorf, selling accent chairs and velvet cocktail chairs.

Made in Düsseldorf | home to chair designer Lynda Sparshatt


Pull up a chair around Lynda Sparshatt's fireside, to learn more about chairs, craftsmanship and what inspires us.

Made in Düsseldorf | home to chair designer Lynda Sparshatt

Lynda Sparshatt

Made in Dusseldorf, chairs by Lynda Sparshatt

Where is Düsseldorf?

Home to chair designer Lynda Sparshatt, Düsseldorf is a smallish city in North West Germany. The capital of Nord Rhein Westfalen, Düsseldorf sits on the River Rhine, is about a 40 minute drive from neighbouring city (and rival) Cologne, and is situated close to the industrial Ruhr region that made this part of Germany so rich. Düsseldorf is also about a 45 minute drive from the border with the Netherlands, our friendly, design-savvy neighbours.

Düsseldorf is considered to be the fashion capital of Germany, as many of the country's fashion houses are based here, but it's also a melting pot of art and design. The galleries are world-class, the opera draws crowds from miles around, the ballet boasts an international company of the highest standard and the affluent population are prone to high heels, large fur coats and jewellery dripping with diamonds.There's always plenty to look at.

The famous Medienhafen boasts a collection of Frank Ghery buildings, irregular in shape and made from contrasting materials, the hafen houses exclusive restaurants and forward-thinking advertising and tech companies.

Dusseldorf rhein turm and ghery buildings

Why is Düsseldorf called Little Paris?

Düsseldorf is colloquially known as Little Paris and although this could be attributed to its cobbled streets, lines of luxury shops and summer café culture, it actually dates back to Napoleon. Rumour has it that Napoleon, passed through Düsseldorf in 1806 and was so charmed by our lovely city, he endearingly called it his 'Petite Paris', and also made it the capital of his Dutchy of Berg. Ever since, Düsseldorf has been proud of its connection to the capital of chic, and certainly lives up to the name.

Konings Allee Dusseldorf lynda sparshatt
red chairs Düsseldorf little paris

What to do in Düsseldorf?

There's plenty to do in Düsseldorf for all interests. Whether you want to shop, see art, go to the theatre or opera, party (we have the longest bar in the world, with one street full of bars and clubs), eat lovely food, or simply enjoy German culture, whatever it is you will not be disappointed.

Wonder the cobbled streets of the Altstadt or 'old town', treating yourself to hand-made chocolates, boutique shopping and a drink by the Rhein. Then, head to Königsallee for a look around the luxury shops, a view of the Kö Bogen, a turn around the Hof Garten and the obligatory photo next to the water fountain on the Kö. In the evening, go to the Mediahafen for fine dining and a view of Düsseldorf's skyline all lit up.

Düsseldorf Ko Borgen lynda sparshatt
church in Düsseldorf
Dusseldorf town centre
Dusseldorf media hafen, home of Lynda sparshatt chairs

You can see that Düsseldorf inspires Lynda Sparshatt chairs from our photoshoots. The baroque exterior of Benrath Schloss is the muse for our pink velvet button-back cocktail chair fusing mid-century design with 17th century upholstery. Likewise you will see the Medienhafen appear in our photography, the parks of Düsseldorf and voluminous curves of the city's churches echoed in the curvy silhouettes of our chairs.

Benrath Schloss, Dusseldorf
Door in Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf Alstadt

What's the weather like in Düsseldorf?

The answer to this question really depends on who is answering! For Northern Europeans the weather is no different to anywhere else this far North, cold winters, hot summers, and plenty of rain. The summer in Düsseldorf brings hot days made for lazing by the Rhein, ice cream parlours dust off their counters and a large fun fair arrives on the far banks of the river, known as the Rhein Kirmes.

The winters are cold, the days are short and it does tend to rain a lot. But on those rare crisp, sunny days, the city is bathed in watery sunlight and wrapping up warm and going out for hot chocolate is a must-do. If you are lucky you will experience the magic of the city under snow fall, but this is rare, and only ever lasts a day or so.

frozen water in Düsseldorf
time park Dusseldorf, clocks, snow.JPG
Dusseldorf sunset in Winter

Lynda Sparshatt and Düsseldorf

Originally from London, Lynda came to Düsseldorf at the age of 24 for work, and loved it enough to make it her home. Coming from a family of furniture restorers and having studied upholstery, she began reupholstering chairs in an effort to feel closer to her family residing across the channel. North Germany is a haven for mid-century furniture and it is relatively easy to come by if you know where to look. So cocktail chairs, dining chairs and lounge chairs have all formed the basis for Lynda's work, but the future is seeing more individual styles and shapes working their way into the collections. Styles that take their cue from Düsseldorf's love of grandeur, opulence and enjoying the best of what life has to offer.