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Small house interior design |  big ideas for small spaces


Pull up a chair around Lynda Sparshatt's fireside, to learn more about chairs, craftsmanship and what inspires us.

Small house interior design | big ideas for small spaces

Lynda Sparshatt

Finding the right interior design for a small house can be tricky, it's a delicate balance of careful styling without overdoing it - the last thing any of us wants is a space that feels cluttered, even smaller or ridiculously over the top. But there are definitely some ideas you can make good use of that will open up your space, make it feel light and airy plus as chic as any high ceiling'd, lofty, Parisian apartment.

So whether you are looking for some colour inspiration, furniture inspiration or just general inspiration, scroll through some of the ideas we have gathered, and begin planning how to give your small house a big impact.

Colours to illuminate a small house's interior design

Although it is tempting to paint everything white and keep it light and airy, playing with colour can create powerful optical illusions. For example in a small kitchen that is combined with a living room, painting the kitchen a darker tone can help to differentiate it from the rest of the room, helping the space to feel opened-up. Likewise darker tones often appear to recede from the eye and therefore help to make a room seem larger than it really is, so sometimes a dark ceiling can help to give a room depth.

Use your borders, panels and floors as an extra canvas. By painting the borders and door frames in a darker colour you help to outline the entrances and exits, the proportions of the room and draw attention to the extra areas of space.

Maximise light to illuminate your small house's interiors

Use every trick in the book to maximise the light you have. I love the glazed wood floors that reflect the light from the windows and the clever use of mirrors. Mirrored wardrobes, a mirror over the mantle piece, mirrored walls in tiny bathrooms and finally mirrors above doorways that help reflect the light and emphasise high ceilings.

Design ideas to create interior features in a small house

Choose clever ways to make a feature of the your small house's natural architectural shape and focus the eye either with art, colours, accent chairs or even in the case of a high ceiling, a spectacular light feature. 

Small house interior design requires furniture that earns its keep

Keep furniture to a minimum and opt for furniture that can do double time. Think an ottoman that doubles up as a coffee table, a pull down desk, a bed that also provides underneath storage, and use exciting ways to display things like books such as on the backs of doors to create the 'secret door' effect.

Built-in everything is your friend. If you are lucky enough to have interesting nooks or corners these make great opportunities for built in closets, but even without these it's worth investing in some built in storage solutions that make the most of the space. 

Sometimes using bigger but fewer furniture is a good plan to go for, there's nothing like seeing a tiny house that looks fit for no one but a hobbit. However sometimes opting for mini means you don't have to skimp when it comes to grandeur. I am thinking specifically of a mini claw-footed bath that almost anyone can find space for.

Small house interior design for a small bathroom

In a large house the bathroom can often be a focal point with a free standing bath, lots of light and double vanity units. But in a small house with a small bathroom, reaching the same level of elegance is not so easy. However there are lots of options for mini bath tubs or even a Japanese deep soaking tub, exciting shelving units, and no matter the size you can always experiment with mosaic walls and beautifully tiled floors.

Got anymore tips or tricks for decorating a small house interior? Let us know your favourite ideas and we can add them to the list, so everyone can benefit from them!

Happy rennovating!